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Tiger Fighting October 8th Argentine coach Scaloni attended the pre-match press conference with Ecuador


Yes, I have basically thought about starting tomorrow, but I will first tell them tomorrow afternoon, and I will test it in training, but the players must know the starting first.


We must have our own thinking. No matter who the opponent is, we know that this is the first game of the World Preliminary. It will be difficult until the game, but no matter what kind of opponent we face, we will stick to our own style of play. This is very clear to us and will put it into practice.


For a long time, our goalkeeper selections have been generally relatively stable, and sometimes there may be occasional changes, but generally these are the players. From this perspective, our thinking is relatively clear, and I also trust the recruits. Goalkeeper.


My idea has always been to appoint a starting goalkeeper. I hope that he can first have a stable playing time. From the current point of view, Andrada and Almani have participated in the Libertadores Cup. This is a good thing. After all, our league has not recovered. We now know who will start and we hope that he can respond to our trust. I think the goalkeeper position is actually easier to produce results and results.


Regarding the question of goalkeepers, first of all, I think the three goalkeepers have their own characteristics, and they are all what we need to help the national team. Of course, we have no weird requirements for goalkeepers. First you have to be able to save (laughs), and then everyone has their own specialties, but the basic requirements are met.


, May be close to the center, sometimes it may be a second forward, but they are all forwards, our goal is to let Messi in the frontcourt, tomorrow is no exception. Of course, I think Messi has not changed a lot, whether as a striker or a semi-forward, Messi is still the frontcourt.


After Messi’s problem was resolved, I chatted with him, and I think he is quite nice and calm. Of


I think the answer to this question is very simple. We can only start with 11 people in total. We can only arrange two people in the midfield. If we arrange a third person, it means removing a forward or full back. We all know Paredes’ abilities and conditions. He can play both as a front midfielder and as a midfielder. Of course, he was a midfielder at the beginning of his career, but we think that in the current situation, The position of the central midfielder needs to be raised to a higher priority, so since he played well, we are still satisfied.


I have answered this question many times. I still said that. First, we need to build a team. Everyone should perform their own duties. Everyone can perform their best in their own position, including Messi, I I believe that if this effect can be achieved, then it will be the best. Again,


I think in terms of difficulty, the Copa America and the World Preliminaries are actually not much different, after all, they are all the same opponents. Of course, the America’s Cup schedule is longer and the front is drawn farther. If you have a problem, you have more time to correct it. But I think the situation is more difficult than that of the America's Cup. There are no fans and the home court advantage is relatively weak. This is an influencing factor for the players.


I think first of all tomorrow is Argentina’s World Cup,


When we played in Mendoza and Cordoba before, we always felt the enthusiasm of the fans. Of course, winning can bring joy to everyone, but on the other hand, I don’t want to say that all this is related, because now In this case, football is definitely not the first. If it can bring happiness to everyone, that would be great. I hope that fans can enjoy football at home and we have to play well. This is the most important thing.


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